Special Topics: Data Analytics (QTM 385)

Location: Emory University, New Psych Building, #225

Time: Mondays 2:30PM - 5:15PM

Semester: Fall 2021


Digital transformation has generated incredible demand for quantitative performance management, machine-driven decision making, and strategic insight discovery. This demand has created immense professional opportunity for college graduates who have the right training. The course has five sections that address digital problems in the pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, technology, and finance industries. Each section contains 1) an interactive lecture component, which introduces the case study and provides a problem solving framework, and; 2) a group work component, in which students work in groups of 4-5 to tackle the case and present their solution. Students will complete the course prepared for the type of work that applies their educational background to jobs at the world’s leading companies and consulting firms.


Upper level course for college juniors and seniors.


Students practice a range of real-world case studies that apply the skillsets developed in QTM.

Course Materials

Download Syllabus Canvas (Link TBA)